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Friday, January 14, 2011

Lunch forgotten

well Im surprised this is the first time this has happened. somehow in the morning chaos(that started at 4am with boys messing around and continued with dog messing her crate and husband was not at home so I was on my own) anyways somehow in the morning chaos I sent everyone to school with a lunchbox. however not all of the lunchboxes had a lunch! MOST of them had a lunch. but somehow Maia went to school with an empty lunchbox. so she had hot lunch. she loves hot lunch so its ok but gees what a crazy thing to have happen! they must think I am crazy at school.

meanwhile I was in duluth looking at houses. we were supposed to look at some land too but that didnt happen. seems our realtor didnt get the memo on that one. the two houses were eh. both have potential but neither made us drop our bags and get out our pens for a contract. one we love the privacy. you could do anything out there and no one would know. no one would care if you have chickens(or how many) you cant even hear road noise its so far back in the woods. no one would care if your kids were loud or your dogs run loose.

we will keep looking. surely there is SOMETHING out there for us! we were a bit disappointed in what you get for the amount of money we are looking to spend. the one house, the private one, has a lot A LOT of work needed. its a fixer upper. it isnt listed as one but it sure is. and they want nearly 300K for it! it needs a new septic which will run at least 15-20K. so anyways we will continue searching and I dont think these houses are going anywhere any time soon. if they do? then they werent meant for us and we wont be heartbroken.

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