A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

update on the fam

for once ethan and jaeger are getting along. they call each other martin and chris(the kratt brothers) but whatever just be nice to each other!

andre told us this morning he wanted to stay in ukraine becuase then he wouldnt have to get up for school in the morning. Guess he didnt know his play days were numbered in Ukraine as well. school was looming at some point and it would have been a lot less nice than school here where you come home to mama and papa. we just kind of let it roll off. he was trying to get a rise and it didnt work.

the girls are the girls. the three muskateers. Papa took maia and natasha XC skiing and they loved it. they did 7 miles. Maia especially was very proud of that. I have given up on the school advancing Maia and Diana. it doesnt seem to be going anywhere. I call and ask and call and ask and call and ask. Eric and I decided that we will homeschool those two first grade over the summer so that in the fall they can go to second with the others. The girls are really lovely most of the time. but they pick on Chrysta sometimes.

Chrysta is into her ice skating. its her favorite winter activity. she is doing really well with piano but is taking a break on her flute as she doesnt care for the new band teacher.

Ben and Sophie are in short casts now. ben is trying to stand. sophie isnt. only a few more weeks until afos! Looking back at photos you can clearly see her feet are clubbed in the pics of ukraine.

Cody sure is growing up. boy can he eat. he is a good helper. a general all around good kid.

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