A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Jaeger has had some trouble in the past with taking things that dont belong to him. he also has problems sharing things that DO belong to him (or all of us). anyways some money was missing and everyone thought he took it. except HE DIDNT TAKE IT! he showed us where it was. he KNEW it was there, he KNEW it wasnt his, and HE DIDNT TAKE IT! This is huge! seriously! I told him that he isnt supposed to go in brother's room BUT I am very proud of him for making the right decision to not take the money. later I was talking to Maia about when I was pregnant with her and I said to Ben that even though I didnt grow him in my belly he is very important and I love him very much, and Jaeger wanted to be assured that he too is very important and loved. I assured him. he is really improving in a lot of areas. now if I could just convince three boys not to go straight to attack when someone does something they dont like. constant beatings lately. and Andre got a finger pinched in a door and then the other kid was mad when Andre was hitting him and screaming. he was hurting and didnt have the right words(not to mention he tends to scream when he is hurt not talk). boys.


  1. Wish we could go out for a girls' night out together! Sounds like we both could use one.

  2. cha I would be there in a hearbeat!