A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, July 30, 2011

still no internet at our new house

apparently no one serves that area. its the no mans land or soemthing. but the house is good and getting well organised and plenty of cooking going on with no internet! will take photos soon. all of us are fine but really miss our internet friends! The kids miss their language lesson too! I cant believe we lived in a town of 700 and dsl and we now live in a town of 90,000 and cant get anything but dial up! but what can ya do? cody and chrysta and ethan come home from summer camp today. looking forward to seeing them. missed them this week. hope to have some sort of internet but who knows when or what! kids are doing pretty well but Andre has already wandered off! that was my mother of the year moment. two cars and a ups truck pulled in our driveway and I was thinking what the heck?? and then andre ran in and locked the door and burst into tears. When I said whats wrong?? he said they're gonna tell you! they're gonna tell you! well tell me they did. he walked all the way down the looooooooooooooooooong and twisty driveway to the main road and was IN THE ROAD and then when they said they would come tell his mom he ran ahead of them throwing rocks at their cars saying you cant come down here! he cried and cried and I made him apologise and told them that yes he had boundries but clearly he didnt adhere to them. they kept saying he's too little to be out there. I was like he is almost 8 for heavens sake! no he shouldnt be in the road but dont tell me how to take care of my kids. he has stayed close to home since then. I cant just never let him outside! he has paired up with ben this week and ben cant walk far so they stay close to the house. well not much else is new and I have to go since I am at my mom's on her internet.

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