A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, July 11, 2011

the time is drawing near.

movers should be her thursday to start packing. packing ths fri mon. loading mon tues weds. delivery thurs fri. I have a million things to do. a million kids afoot to work around(minus one who is off at band camp) and one week after we move 3 kids go to summer camp. and did I mention my husband is already working up north? so I am on my own here. thank goodness Cody is here. I can sure use a pair of hands. we are going to take the kids to pinegrove zoo ths. movies fri. to try and keep them out of the way. monday I dont know yet. Tuesday we close so we all have to drive up and then I have to come back and finish up.

whew Im tired just thinking about it. I have been working really hard to organise/pack/clean. 2 bathrooms are clean. well one is very clean and one is clean minus the laundry on the floor. one bathroom to go. packed some books from bookshelves so that remaining books will stay put andnot be all over the floor. packed some toys to take with us. laundry laundry laundry. working really hard in my room which is a disaster. cleaned the closet before we went camping for fourth of july. the kids rooms have been cleaned and cleaned and cleaned again but they sure dont stay that way for long. Cody is working on his room.

The 3 girls went to sleepover at grammas. this is their first sleepover. I didnt get any late night calls about I miss you mama. good thing because I couldnt very well drive up to get them! they will be back this evening with Eric. it was very quiet at dinner with only 6 kids and me. We had some soup out of the freezer and ate the ice cream cake that was in there as well. The boys were put out because the girls were going to grammas so I made it special for them to stay home.

We had big storms last night. the wind was hellacious. I wonder if any of the trees out back came down. I didnt see too much damage when I took the dogs out. I expected to see trash everywhere as our trashcan was full on saturday(trash day is friday!) as we are cleaning out so much stuff. but only a lampshade skittered onto the lawn. everything else stayed put. its much cooler today. WHEW! yesterday it was too hot to put clothes on. we did of course anyways, but we wished we had a pool! I guess I better go serve breakfast. the boys will be raiding cabinets soon.

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