A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, July 17, 2011


so its hotter than Haides here right now. we dont know how long until we can close. we dont know how long we have to stay here among boxes living like vagrants. We dont know what will happen tomorrow with packers/movers. will they move it all anyways? to where? will they show up before they get the voicemail? because we didnt find out until close of business friday that it wasnt gonna happen. but then our friend stopped by the house and said it looked like it was done so did they work the weekend? We dont know. I have sent 3 girls and one dog to my moms. Thanks mom and dad for taking some of the pressure off. I miss my girls and my little puppy boy who keeps me company every night but I have too much to do and he doesnt like strangers and wants to always be afoot if no one is here or has to be in his crate if they are here. I am supposed to take dog to vet at 930 but I dont think that can happen. If I can get them there I will try and take them to boarding. its hard enough here in the heat without having to worry about them coming in and going out and barking every time the door opens.

I do NOT LIKE TO FLY BY THE SEAT OF MY PANTS! how many times have I said this? and yet, once again I am forced to do just that. I DO NOT LIKE IT! I like a well thought out plan and things go according to it. I do not like unknowns. and yet this week is fraught with them. Andre is clingy as ever. its too dang hot to snuggle! but I know he needs reassurance. Ethan and Ben are up at night screwing around. Im exhausted. My husband is living at my brothers instead of with me. and have I mentioned I DONT LIKE THIS?

so thats everything I know. which is nothing.


  1. praying for you, peace with the unknown, comfort in the heat and an end to the situation.

  2. Oh Tammy!
    I wish you could ship the whole gang to my house for the week! I wish we lived closer so I could help. I know it stinks now but just remember, The harder to get , the better to have!
    Hang in there!

  3. thanks Becky. I sure miss you.