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Thursday, August 4, 2011

life at the new house

We have internet albeit crappy internet. 3g/4g might be great for phones but not so hot for laptops. but its all we can get. and its limited. we cant just hang out for hours online. we have a limit. it sucks but it is what it is and I figure we will learn to do other things with our time. sew, stamp, read, clean, cook, walk in the woods, garden, tend chickens. etc.

Today is my big 4-0. I got up to a mess. the dog got in te trash and it was all over the floor and no one bothered to clean it up. I was not happy. TOnight is a big parade in WD but I wanted to go out to dinner. Not sure when we will be able to go out if we dont go tonight. Jaeger is being very sweet saying no mom we will stay home and watch tv so you can go to dinner for your birthday. although I suspect its just his way of sneaking in some tv time. that boy LOOOOVES tv. he lives for it. obsesses over it. holds the remote to it. but I think the other kids would be disappointed to miss the parade. Andre wants me to buy a race car for him for my birthday. typical Andre, all about the motors and all about him. but still it was him who remembered it was my birthday this morning and was all hugs and cuddles. he is a hanger and I am having to learn to love it. but its coming. I am learning. Everyone else is mostly concerned with where will THEY go to dinner when they have a birthday. typical kids.

Diana went to dentist yest. she lost a crown. she was so worried. but it turned out alright. they didnt replace it as its a baby tooth. they did something else instead to just bide our time until it falls out. cheaper easier and kinder to diana. Im all for it. and she now REALLY REALLY likes that dentist. That in itself is worth the price of gold. DIana generally HATES the dentist. she did not have good times there like our bio kids with goood teeth. she had a lot of painful work done and extractions too. many a tear. so now she likes the dentist. this one at least. so thats worth the price of a lost crown.

The new house is very spacious. We love looking out our bedroom window from the bed at the stars and or moon at night and the trees in the morning. Chickens arrive soon and then we will have a winter full of of chicken dinners. yummo.

not much else to report I guess. second verse same as the first. life here is much like life at the old house only with a little more sleep having split up those partying boys!

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