A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, July 18, 2011

update on moving!

ALOTTA stuff is gone. ALOTTA stuff to go but mostly furniture. and a few more boxes. Basement is pretty well cleared out except beds. sheds pretty well cleared out. Living room that was filled with boxes is again empty except furniture and dogs(and kids) boys room down to beds and I think their dresser. Deep freezer gone. garage mostly cleared out. kitchen is not fully packed yet. have to do dishes before we go to bed tonight. sandwiches and cookies for dinner, doughnuts for breakfast tomorrow and THEN...THEN! We should be able to head up and close tomorrow after all!!
and all our stuff should arrive Weds! The dogs are so hot, so are we. Ethan is being a brat. Ben is being a whiner. Andre is at Alonzo's house. Sophie is being bossy and demanding. Jaeger is happily watching looney toons. status quo. I do love looney toons! I am have been going and going since 7am and I am ready for a break!

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