A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

because I dont want to wallow in self pity

I am working to find joy in my journey, an attitude of gratitude.

so here are some good things, some things making me happy.

The warbling verio who has taken up residence outside my bedroom window sings me a beautiful song every morning and twitters all day. sometimes it seems he is saying pretty bird pretty bird. he has a most unique song and we never heard it before he showed up. We know its a male because the males stake out territory and then the female comes. there is only one so it must be a male. I love listening to him.

Its already Wednesday! that means Eric will be home in two more days.

I got to have a great vacation over the fourth with a lot of fun and friends.

I set the kids up to talk to their old friend Dima from Ukraine. I am looking forward to hearing their excited voices telling him all about their lives here. even if I dont understand what they say since they speak to each other in Ukrainian.

The IRS wants more documentation. but it appears I can get that documentation so thats a good thing. some people are having to scramble for canceled checks from many years back.

I promised the kids ice cream today. that means I get ice cream too. that is always a good thing.

The living room is clean. that makes me feel calmer. chaos around me leads to chaos within me. I dont understand it. but it does. the kids all take one chore and its done in a matter of minutes. so now its clean and tidy and calming.

My little Andre is all loves today.

nobody got extreme sunburn on our vacation.

wow! my darling teenaged daughter is up before noon!

our house closing, while likely delayed, doesnt look to be delayed as much as I thought it would be. Our realtor/friend went to the house and checked things out and windows open so thats good. and she left all the calling cards from realtors on the counter for me. she knows I want to sweep them into the trash can myself!

it is not hotter than the sun outside today. a very good thing.

so there are some of my joys. I feel better now. dont you?

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