A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, July 23, 2011

we are in! almost unpacked!

I so love our big new house! the doggie door is great except only one of three dogs will use it. mocha goes in and out at will. fabio and tera not so much. tera will go if you hold the flap for them but whats the point then? Sophie is loving rollin all over in her chair. Boys are out chopping wood with eric. Natasha says we need a fire in the fireplace its so chilly. cody ethan and chrysta go to summer camp tomorrow. oh dang I guess I better go pack for EThan! he will pack like a pair of shorts and nothin else. hope I can find everything I need. mostly we are unpacked. a few boxes left upstairs but the main living area is pretty done except the empties and the wrapping papers all over. living room is all set up. washer guy hooked the washer up and it is leakin all over. tv guy is coming monday. I am finding strange things in the basement. Strange like boxes marked master bath. or toiletries. I think they just got lazy at the end. oh well we are happy to be out there. mike and jen came by one night. that was fun. no internet though. I am at my moms house. heading home again shortly.

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