A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

so far

so far today the boys picked all the tiny apples off the tree so they wont become big apples. even though both daddy and myself have told them not to. they were all out picking raspberries even though THEY arent ripe and were told by dad not to pick them. went in the road(this is an ongoing problem, no matter what we do it doesnt register in their heads to stay out of the road). Talked to a stranger who didnt know where they belonged and was telling the police who came by that she didnt know where they belonged. Cody went and got them when he saw them saying they belong here. Andre took off in the woods and doesnt hear well so we panicked when he didnt answer. he has a history of taking off. Natasha got herself stung by a black wasp. Maia put a green marker in her mouth(but it didnt work mom!)and now has green teeth and mouth. Ethan keeps screaming about everything stomping his feet. Diana is hovering just to make sure she doesnt miss out on anything.

yesterday Mocha broke her leash and ran off. Thankfully Jaeger the dog catcher(seriously he is gooooood at this job, better than anyone) was hot on her tail and brought her home before I could slip my birkies on and go after her. Bens straps are missing. we are about to be buried in boxes and the packers come tomorrow to pack the rest of it.

yeah just an ordinary day at home. but they win. This time they win. I put on a movie. I cant get anything done if I have to keep running out after this one or that one.

I did manage to clean out the fridge of old food. cody worked on some dishes and his room. I packed the two night tables(really end tables so fairly big and piled high with stuff. I cleaned behind the bed where the dust bunnies were so big I was almost afraid to go back there. at least it isnt 100 degrees.

tomorrow we go to Pine grove park and zoo. friday to the movies. Saturday to the pool. sunday at home doing not much I suppose since everything should be packed by then. monday the truck comes. tuesday we close. wednesday our stuff comes to new house.

OH! and before I forget, SOPHIE has a date for her osteotomies! Oct 11! this suits my schedule VERY well. she WILL miss some school but it must be done. and better for everyone else if its during school year so no daycare needed.

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