A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, December 11, 2010

on a plane

and the lady is giving the speech about how a mask will fall and oxygen will flow. meanwhile Ben is giving birth to a beaver. yes. I am certain that isnt something she sees every day. I thought she would crack up laughing but only smiled.

we are in the plane, right now, on the way to minneapolis. free wifi. and guess what they just announced? we are turning back to philly. we cant go on to minneapolis. the flight after us is cancelled so I guess I dont know what will happen or where we will be or for how long. Becky Ill be calling when I know something! we might get the chance to have that party afterall!

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  1. Oh My!! Are the kids still in casts??? Did they get their surgeries??? Wondering.. wondering..


    Aaron starts his on January 7th...