A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, December 5, 2010

today was a better day

He was in a better mood today but still had a bit of trouble getting along. He is a different kid when his dad is here. Eric was on call yesterday. Today he was home all day and walked up to the store with a couple kids to buy milk. We spent the day online looking at stuff and talking about stuff. the kids watched dudley doright....twice. We had breakfast for dinner.

the girls have been telling me stories about their previous lives. Andre, not to be left out tells me stories of his except I am pretty sure they are made up. the girls tell me how they got this scar or that scar. Andre told me his grandfather came to visit him and he gave him a hug when Andre told him he was going to America. we were told no one ever visited him. The other kids confirmed that no one visited him. he is 7 now and has been in care for many years. knowing he has been there long, and hearing the tales the others tell me of time with their birth families, I am constantly amazed that they are the way they are. hats off to pryluky detsky dom because they must be doing SOMETHING right for these kids to be this well off emotionally. I dont think any kid should be in a detsky dom but if you gotta be in one I think the Mamas really care about the kids at pryluky. While I may not agree with everythign they do there, our kids seem to have come out ok.

tomorrow I have to take Jaeger to dentist and Chrysta to orthodontist. I hope they arent going to pull more of Jae's teeth tomorrow. he cries when they do that and I feel so bad putting him through it. but this SHOULD be the last visit for all this work then it will be maintenence. I think I will stop at barnes and noble and buy a date book when I am out. I need one for the new year. I have a lot of appointments to keep track of!

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