A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, December 9, 2010

another trip to philly!!

I am bored. I am at Camden Ronald McDonald House. The internet doesn’t seem to work. The clock says its 68:88 and nothing I can do changes it. We have surgery 6am. I have to call a cab to leave here at 5am to get there in time. We were downstairs where the people are but Sophie wanted to go to the bathroom and had a belly ache. Seems to have recovered and is playing with Ben. I had a great visit with my friends Becky and Sammi. Sweet Sammi sewed a little special present for each of the kids. And then brought us treats because they wouldn’t see us again before Christmas. Sami is a skater and a budding actress! And cute as a button too. Thanks Becky and Sammi we really look forward to seeing you when we come to town. Becky I love our chats. We never seem to lack for something to talk about do we?


  1. I hope the surgery is a success : )

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture on top!!! Copy away on the video!!!