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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

adventures from Philly

sitting in Temple University Hospital Pharmacy with a grumpy still somewhat dopey Sophie waiting a good half an hour for meds. A very large woman of color came in. She sat down in Sophie's line of site. Being the social butterfly she is Sophie says "hi". the lady smiled and said hi. usually "I'm Sophie" follows hi. but not this time. did she notice the woman's skin? we dont have a lot of variety in Isle. I try to teach the kids that people are the same inside, and people with brown skin are just like they are except they have brown skin. they have feelings and bones and families and in every aspect they are people like you. not everyone has brown eyes or blue eyes, and not everyone has pink skin. as I prepare myself to talk to her with all eyes on me when she says something about the woman's skin tone, she instead said "you sure have a big tummy!" the lady just said yeah. then Sophie went on to ask "why you have a big tummy?" I chastised her at that. gently but firmly told her that isnt nice. people dont like to talk about that. her response? "I didnt say that!" lol thanks pain meds. my kid is talkin out her ear with no clue what she says.

On the way home I am sure that everyone was thinking oh man those kids are on MY flight? sophie was screaming and crying at Ben. his crime? his toes touched her toes. Both their feet are extremely turned out right now, presumably to get a bit of OVERcorrection to allow for a bit of relapse and still be in a normal position when done. so he coudlnt help it when his toes were touching hers. back up awhile from the toes and she kept putting her head in bens face and her staticky hair would go up his nose and he didnt like that. she absolutely downright REFUSED to move. I moved her and she fought me on it. I was about to take her out and put her on the floor. anyways the moral of the story is DONT TOUCH SOPHIE, but be prepared because she can touch you all she wants. lol

the only real travel experience Sophie and Ben have had revolves around doctors. so we are happily settled in our seats flying home to Minneapolis. Except now they just announced we will be turning around and returning to Philly. I told the kids we were going back to Philly. the airport in minneapolis was closed. the only option is to go back. Ben is a go with the flow kind of guy. but Sophie was panicked. back to philly? back to the doctor? I had a heck of a time convincing her that there would be NO DOCTOR. I finally was able to get her to understand when I told her that it was saturday and doctors dont work on saturdays. I was waiting for her to realise that her own DR Daddy works on saturdays all the time.

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