A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

today dentist for three and one along for the ride because he is so anxious about his own dentist appt next week. want him to see maia and ethan come out with smiles. he tends to go into hysterics about these things. I suppose I could take them all but I dont want to drive the monster and it takes at least a half hour to get everyone loaded in that thing. and then we would just clog up the waiting room. and besides I like taking just some kids sometimes. gives them time away from each other. they live together eat together go to school together(remember I have 4 in one grade and 3 in another so they see each other a lot at school) gives everyone a break. and I wont be home until after dark I do NOT want to drive that monster home in the dark. I like driving the monster in the day though. Eric calls it the estrogenmobile or the rolling ovary. jerk. lol.

Yesterday was a pretty decent day. today has not started out as well. but I guess you cant please everyone.

I made mac and cheese home made in my new roaster and I followed the directions exactly EXCEPT I didnt cook it as long as they said and STILL it was burned around the edges. and kind of dried out. anyone have a recipe for home made mac and cheese for a crowd? Today I think its potato soup. leftover potatos from christmas and chicken broth from the christmas chicken.


  1. I'm with the one that was "along for the ride"! I have given birth to a 12 pound baby on my kitchen floor, but when it comes to the dentist, I turn into a jelly fish!

    It is nice to take only a few children at a time, it's less tiring and provides more one-on-one time, which is truly necessary in large families.

    I've never tried mac and cheese in the roaster, but soups do really well in there.

  2. Im up for any roaster recipes you want to share!