A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

wish I had something clever or profound to say

but really just more of the same. I guess thats a good thing. boys slept fairly well although I found Ethan in bed with Ben this morning and another boy who shall remain nameless wet his bed. everyone was showered dressed fed and out the door in time for the bus. We noted that while Maia and Diana want Papa's attention all the time and tickles and snuggles and laughs Natasha doesnt. She is VERY affectionate with me. hugs and kisses all the time. nearly every time we pass one another she hugs me. Jaeger is getting more appropriately affectionate as well. like he wants hugs and kisses from Mama (or papa) but not only at times when he is deflecting that he is being told something he doesnt want to hear. Andre is his every funny self. Loves his Mama more than anything and doesnt like other people picking him up or telling him what to do. Kind of like a one owner dog, he likes his mama, he generally listens to Mama, Mama can pick him up anytime anywhere for any reason, and his Mama loves him to bits but he wont let anyone OTHER than Mama do any of that stuff.

Ethan's new meds are maybe making a difference. still have the same old battles like he and ben at dinner but in general he is able to get along better lately. meds? maturity? fluke of nature? time will tell, but I like it. To be honest I just dont feel very lovey toward him when he is screaming at me because I said ANYTHING to him. but when he is calm it is easy to love him. We went for a walk yesterday and he ran ahead of me with Andre most of the way but on the way back he stayed right by my side. even when we decided to run he still wanted me to hold his hand.

Maia is still very much Maia. I adore her. the sun rises and sets in her eyes.the moon rises and sets in her eyes. for me Maia truly hung the moon. I love all of them so much but Maia is so special to me. in ways that are different than the others. I can hardley stand to see her growing up so fast! she is so doggone cute! She wont even let me brush her hair anymore. it used to be I brushed it for her and she fought the whole time now she just does it. cute. and too grown up!

Off to Uncle Bob's and Aunt Jeanne's house tomorrow night. Thursday off to Philly again. appt Friday and return Sat. today its off to st cloud with Jaeger for a dentist appointment. and Sophie doodle can ride along because wherever I go she goes!

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