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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

not much new news

yesterday's trip to the dentist didnt go so well for Jaeger. He had several teeth removed. he was in pain and bleeding and just not himself. but he still tried to be a helpful boy and put the stroller away in the car. He sat by mom at dinner and enjoyed that. today he seems back to himself. he cant run around though so waiting for the bus was boring for him today. and Papa wasnt there to entertain him. Eric usually goes out with them to wait for the bus. He loves Bananas though so he got to have a banana at breakfast and at lunch and for snack at school. he cant have anything crunchy. While he did go through my stuff and that upsets me he seems to understand our talk about that and I havent found anything of significance in his bed or pockets. He is speaking more English. He is about where the other kids were a month ago language wise. but at least he is trying now. he was very loving and I accepted and reciprocated his affections. it is feeling LESS like a job but not there yet. it is most definitely getting easier to love him though, which also means he is getting more comfortable and learning to love us.

Today Sophie and Ben and I head to Uncle Bob's house. We fly out tomorrow to Philly for new casts. Sophie needs to see more people with disabilities in normal settings. she is under the impression she cant do certain things because she cant walk. While she may walk one day she may never walk full time like you or I do. But she is smart! and kind and caring! and she can do anything she sets her heart and mind to even if she doesnt walk.

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