A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A new day

the sun is shining. the dishes are waiting. the cheerios are on the floor until the dogs get out of their crates to clean them up.

Ethan was going around having people write their names. he thinks this is a fun game. Sophie wanted to do it and he said no. you cant write your name and I dont want scribbles on here. I made him let her write her name and she sure fixed him when she wrote her name. We do not tell her she cant do things. we tell her she can and she just has to try harder if it isnt working out. fast forward to today someone gave her a pen at breakfast and she drew four little people on a note card. people with arms and legs and faces and hair and round little heads and even rosy cheeks on one!

Andre is upset with me that he didnt get a car for his birthday(two months ago!!) he got a puzzle and ball and glove. this mentality that you will get whatever you want has to go! how bout thanks mom for a present of my own on my birthday? after listening to him for about 5 minutes why why why why you no buy me car why I no get car why me birthday no car I finally said ok andre, go play. and went on to do other things that didnt lend myself to listening to his complaints.

Ethan did really well for the last week or so but he is back to being a poop. snarky and nasty to everyone. and up in the night despite sleeping medication.

Eric went to conferences and found that our kids are doing very well. with the exception of Ben but that was no surprise. Ben is a darling but he is a little slow academically. the others are all doing well. Natasha and Jaeger are doing REALLY well at math. reading is a little harder but as to be expected. Maia of course is brilliant as always. Cody and Chrysta need to work on study skills for tests.

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