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Thursday, November 4, 2010

back to philly

I must say that a nonstop flight was so much nicer than stopping in milwaukee and unloading the kids and reloading them a couple hours later. I must also say that the employees with Delta were so much kinder and more helpful than those we encountered with midwest and frontier(with the exception of 1). Way to go Delta, your employees are tops with me. They even gave the kids special treats.

so we are here at Erie and Front because Camden didnt have room for us. I left the airport and stepped right into a DEEP puddle. so I have a soggy shoe and sock now. I hope my sandal dries by tomorrow. I dont mind going sockless but I dont really want soggy sandals or they feel sticky. I havent heard from valerie after I called her but I am hoping she and Evan were able to get a room here for the night. we so want to see them. When we first came I had two backpacks and computer bag. then I had just two back packs. this time I have ONE BACKPACK(and that includes the computer inside of it) so no checked bags just the one carry on. makes life easier to travel light. since the kids dont need pants thats one less thing to pack haha. and since we will only be here a day or two we dont need much. I am getting good at this packing thing.

so the kids are chilling watching clifford and I am just catching my breath and not having to DO anything for a few minutes. no one needs to potty or eat or tell on someone.

Jaeger cried when we left yesterday. didnt want Mama to go. very sweet and touching especially since I havent felt all that close to him yet. lots of hugs and kisses for him and the others before I left. they had half day today at school and also conferences and happened to coincide with Daddys day off. so he is getting a bit of time with the kids today. It is raining here in Philly hope that its nice at home so the kids can play out.

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  1. Glad to see that you've arrived safely. Good luck on your doctor visits. You're becoming a very savvy traveler!