A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, November 5, 2010

this sucks

the kids are fine. if a little whiny but Sophie is way better than the first cast. the kids have been troopers but meanwhile mama is losing it. at home things are not going so well without me. and we were an hour late to our appointment because our cab never came. then after our appt we called a cab and waited. and waited. and waited. and watched people leave. and then they locked the doors. and then the desk attendant left. and then we waited. and then security came and said call them back again(nigh on two hours wait at this point) so security guy called them.waited some more nice nurse lady said you guys have been waiting a long time! I bet you are hungry and came back with treats. waited some more. finally another security guy caught a cab on the street on the way to another call. he said he would take us. then tried to drive away while my door was still open. then when we got to rmh he tried again to drive away with the door open. nice indian fellow with 0 common sense. kids fed and asleep finally. I have a pink eye thing going on. I am sick with some crud that came on yesterday. my chest hurts from coughing. Sophie screamed bloody murder today at Van Bosse's office. my head hurts. and I dont know if a cab will even come for us tomorrow so we can get to the airport. this has not been a good day. but there is a bathtub in this room so I think I will use it and try to make my head hurt a little less. and tomorrow my husband is going deer hunting so when I finally get home after driving from the cities I am sure the kids will be crabby and the house a mess. so much to look forward to.


  1. Hi! Sorry if this comes out wrong...I have only been reading for a short time. I began when you brought your recent additions home. Now I am confused. :) Why is it that Ben and Sophie have casts on? Were all of your adopted children in the Reeces Rainbow program? I don't want to come off sounding strange, we adopted our daughter from Kazakhstan in 2008 and since then I love to read up on other families who have adopted or are in the process of adopting older children. Oksana will be 11 in a few short weeks (8 when we met her) and we are not around many families like ours. :) Just questions...curious. :)
    Thanks Catherine

  2. I'm praying for you~

    It has to get better~
    Some rest and a bit of cheesecake....I mean healthy granola lol and things will be better.

    Or do what I do.....try to stuff ALL the dirty clothes from 6 kids into the washer at once.
    Boy it feels good and the house looks somewhat cleanner!

    Well I hope I at least made you smile! :)

    Peace, Love and Blessings,

  3. sophie and ben have arthrogryposis. we are working to try to push their club feet into a new more natural position with the casts. new cast every week or two. not all of our adopted kids were through Reeces Rainbow. One is from RUssia many years ago. he is 8 now. wasnt quite 2 upon arrival home. the 6 in the last year all came via reeces rainbow help. we identified the kids when we were there for sophie and ben and already knew they were ours. so RR helped us get them home.

    yes the house is much cleaner. I had to work at it all day but it does feel better to be surrounded by a cleaner place!!! now about that cheesecake....

  4. Hi, a while back when you were in the orphanage last time you wrote about a beautiful girl named Dasha. Its been all this time and I still cannot get her off of my mind. I was wondering if you ever found out anything about her or if you knew where I could find more info on her. Thank you so much, with much love Suzanne Robinson kaileysage12@aol.com