A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

our precious new baby

I know we didnt mention getting a new baby. but you know, these things happen. we decided it was probably time. and thankfully one practically fell into our lives. yes. its true. we have a new member of the family. Everyone is extremely excited about it. So excited that last night I took SIX kids with me to the store just to buy milk. I dont usually do that. but they were so thrilled I couldnt leave them at home. We havent named our new addition yet. but I imagine in time as we get to know her better we will come up with just the right name. The place she was before took good care of her so she is very pretty inside and out. Hey, mom be prepared next time we visit as we will DEFINITELY be bringing our new baby with us. I thought everyone would want to see a photo. so without further ado.....our new baby......
(you might have to scroll a bit)

almost there

not yet


here she is!

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  1. Oh yes, we have one of those. Only it is called The Beast. Aren't they the best, especially when filled with the ones we love.