A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, November 14, 2010


kids are out having a great time. they come in and change mittens and go back out again. there was a bit of trouble while they learned to SHARE the sleds. I will probably buy them some more sleds at christmas but for now it wont kill them to learn to share. they were coming in every 30 seconds and I said work it out. figure out how to share and take turns. and I told them not to let Jaeger bully them into giving up their turn and all has been quiet since. Jaeger didnt want to go out. ohhh ow ow ow. paaaain. I zipped his coat and plopped his hat on his head and closed the door behind him. before I could get to the table(which is right behind the door and the door can hit it its so close) he was already running and sliding and playing. he would prefer to sit in front of the tv all day. I am finding that keeping the radio on all day helps all of us to not turn on the tv. and I get to listen to music too, thats a bonus. I usually only hear music in movies or the car. Even the dogs are loving being out in the snow. they chase the kids and the kids chase them. lots of fun going on. Sophie and Ben of course cant go out there so they have each other and play inside. It is melting off the road but not as fast in the yard. I suspect it wont last too long but I could be wrong. (I hope Im not wrong!)

We have to go to Philly again this week. Thursday fly out Saturday return. the kids usually do really well on the plane. This last time even Sophie was a dream girl on the way home. She is getting used to this. the first time she was awful on the way home. she had a virus and was sick on top of being uncomfortable and stuck in a cast that she didnt like or want. refused to sleep and was just surly and angry. the second time was better and the third time(this last time) was the best yet. I expect that this trip will be probably similar maybe better. it helped that she and ben were able to sit together and entertain each other. hope our flights this time have us all togehter again. its a pain to have to try and rearrange seating. then you get some grumpy lady who doesnt want to trade seats and you have to fight back a little. I am not leaving my kid who cant feed herself with a stranger. I am not leaving my kid who has new casts and just wants his mama to sit with a stranger. if they were typical kids I wouldnt worry about it as much. but I AM the mom and it IS MY JOB to take care of them. leaving them to strangers on a flight to care for their needs is not something I care to do.

Eric is on call this weekend. Chrysta had her birthday dinner last night. Diana is looking forward to her dinner this week. A couple more weeks and it will be Jaeger and then Sophie's birthday. and then Christmas! what do you buy for kids who have no sense of responsibility for anything? some are better than others. I am thinking mittens sleds snow shapers helmets bathrobes. things they need and I would buy anyways.


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous! We moved down to the south from the northeast a few years ago and I miss the fall and the snow desperately! Fall and winter with palm trees just plain stinks! We still have all our sleds, skis and snow equipment strapped to the storage units on the ceiling of the garage; all the kids and I look at them longingly! Some of my best memories as a family involve the snow, both in my own childhood and with my kiddos. I'm so envious! Enjoy it! ;-)

  2. the kids had a blast outside. played for HOURS without complaining to me or fighting each other. thats a new record!

  3. How about some art supplies for Christmas? We have the same problem with our oldest boy(12) home from Ukraine 2 years. He breaks everything, so when he was younger I bought him art supplies-yes he did eventually break most of it and throw it out but we weren't out a fortune. Now adays he's getting clothes-not exciting but he cant take care of anything expensive so that's what he gets. Cara

  4. art supplies are a no go. I dont want to add washing walls and furniture to my list of things to do. markers ALWAYS fall into the wrong hands and end up a mess for me to clean up. crayons get left out and eaten by the dogs. paints? are you nuts? if they cant handle markers I aint givin them paints! lol. I think SOME of them(the girls probly) could handle it but there is NO WAY the boys could. and once its in the house it invariably lands in teh boys room one way or another, by hook or by crook(yes often by crook...as in theft)