A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, November 29, 2010

update on school thing

both teachers called me. yes both girls are functioning well above their kindergarten counterparts. there is possibility to move both of them up a grade but in the mean time they will beef up their lessons a bit to challenge them a bit more. I also found out that Andre is functioning well below is class. his speech is hard to understand(duhh!) and while the teacher keeps asking for evaluation they keep refusing. so I told her to ask again that it was coming from me. I completely agree he needs to be evaluated. I cant believe they didnt do it sooner. their excuse is well the language is a problem. get an interp! it isnt like we dont have anyone in this community to who speaks the language! there are 2 that I know of for sure. one translated for Sophie and Ben when they came home. why they would pay for preschool evaluation but not elementary translation.not when its really crucial and they are already a failing school? makes zero sense. but then this is a public institution since when does it have to make sense?


  1. Totally hearing you on these last two posts. Our daughter from Kazakhstan has been having troubles at school with seemingly the same issues. We had asked for evaluations at the grade 3 level and they refused for 2 years. Just before summer this year we paid for and drove her 2 hours for the evaluation so that when we moved, her new school would have some actual info to work off of. Well...the pervious school wanted the results of her evaluation. Ahh...forget it! Not a chance after dealing with them for 2 years and getting nowhere. The new school in our new town is fantastic, shes beginning to love reading because instead of forcing her to read things that are above her level she can take quizzes on books at her level in things she interested in. Horray!! She is showing so much more cinfidence because shes not falling through cracks in the system any longer. Its great! I sure hope that you get the Evaluations for Andre and that the girls begin to enjoy school once again as they are challenged more and more. :)

  2. If you have not put a request for an evaluation in writing to your school district, I would do it. Request the entire battery of tests. Legally, they must evaluate him and they are mandated by your state to complete it and hold a meeting with you in x amount of days. We have been home for 6 months with our son and our school district is paying for the program he is in (he is 3.5 years old). Do not rely on the school district to do ANYTHING for you. Oh yes, request a russian interpreter if you please.

  3. seems more and more that the left hand knows nothing what the right hand is doing in that school. SOOOOOO hoping to move from here! thanks for the advice.