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Friday, June 3, 2011

last day of school!

today is the last day of school for the year. its also our last day in this district. and the trash man just came and waved as he always does. will miss that. anyways the last day! I can hardley believe it and yet I am so excited that its here. the kids are excited too. Natasha thought I would be upset to have them here all the time. Not so. I like when they are here. I do not like getting everyone out the door in the morning. There are always stragglers. There are always boys who dont want to get out of bed. (*ironically none of the girls) hoping for a relaxing summer. Last night for Ethan's bday we had a fire out back and cooked weenies. then came in and had cake. Ethan got super soaker water guns and a tball set. and a car his sister bought him. Eric cut down a few trees and made them haul the braches to the firepit for burning. You would think that hard labor, a fun time at the firepit, hot dogs, cake, and a whole lotta outside time would make for sleepy kids. in the case of the boys NOT SO!

Our new house is going into negotiations today. Hope to hear something soon, but dont really expect to hear before monday. Hoping for some pool time tomorrow if the weather is nice. every time we have planned that it rained. so we are hoping for rain tomorrow. yes I said rain. if we hope for sun it rains. so we are hoping for rain, maybe that way we will get sun.

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