A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, June 13, 2011


Still no idea when we will move. Oh I know when ERIC will move. but as to when WE will move I havent any idea. still negotiating on the house. the septic needs replacing. Eric starts his job July 6. so he will go off to our new city and stay with my brother while we stay behind here and do....we'll what we do every day. a little bit of this a lot of that. clean house cook serve and clean again. I am not looking forward to his leaving. Chrysta will go to band camp shortly thereafter. then a couple weeks later she and cody and ethan go to their other summer camp. Thats the last week in July. If we are not in the new house by then I will be completely on my own with 7 kids including the little miss who cant walk or take herself to bathroom or up and down stairs. You ever take 7 kids grocery shopping? no one else to count on for anything. not even in the evenings. at least now eric comes home at the end of the day. we have no date for closing. no end in sight. hell for all I know we could still be here come September.

plannin to camp over fourth of july weekend but no one to watch the dogs. 40 dollars a day to send them to kennel IF they even have room for them as its a bit late to make reservations for 4th of July. Maybe Cody will want to stay home and take care of them for the weekend. he never wants to go with us anymore anyways. we cant take them with because they bark at everyone that goes by. Terra gets loose all the time and runs off and doesnt listen. Cant imagine them in a tent. would have to haul their GIANT kennels. Maybe the neighbor kid will put them out. He is usually around. but he has a real job now so maybe not. like I said, no one to count on.
no real friends here except Maggie and Jay and they will have a new baby by then. maybe Eric can take them all camping and I will stay home and take care of the dogs. yeah like THAT would happen!


  1. Hi! Tam I wish you luck on your move. Becareful with septic systems my friend in Montana had a septic system put in her home it cost $20,000.00 and the contractor did not have the right permits it was a real mess.I know it is hard waiting to move but wise to have all your ducks in a row. Good luck Pat

  2. Im not too worried about permits, the contractor was recommended by realtor she works with him often. and we specified TO CODE in the negotiations so if it isnt TO CODE then its on her not us. It is just hard to think about him going off to work and us staying here. The kids are not at all happy with that either.

  3. Hi! I am glad that your whole family is able to move and you will not be left back for to long without Eric. Pat