A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, June 18, 2011

more waiting

I want to be done!!! we are agreed as to what will be done by whom but still it takes time for all to be done. I believe we are on schedule to close July 13. none too soon!! I dont want to wash dishes anymore. I want to put them in dishwasher. I dont want to shower I want to take a long relaxing bath. I dont want to carry little Miss Thing to the bathroom all the time. I want to just let her wheel herself. I want the fenced in yard for dogs so letting them out in mornings is so much nicer. as of now we take them on leash outside at 5am to do business. and back in eat drink and back in crates until 8 or 9 then back out on leashes to be tied out awhile. wouldnt it be easier to open a door and let em go? I want to be able to find what I need when I want it. as it is here I often have to drive many miles to get what we need. not to mention the overpricing on what IS available. I WANT TO MOVE! people say oh we are so sorry to see your kids go. people say to E oh we are so sorry to see you go. wouldnt it be nice if someone, ANYONE was sorry to see ME go? at least I can have some space and ability to get things I need to do things I enjoy. provided we ever MOVE!!!!


  1. Tammy if you were my neighbor I would be sorry to see you go!!! As a matter of fact I think you should just move here and then we could be neighbors LOL!!
    Miss you!

  2. ohh becky. tempting tempting!!! I miss you bunches too. thinking we need appointments just so we can see you, who cares if the doctor wants to see us, we wanna see YOU!

  3. Hi! Tam if I was your neighbor I would be sad to see you go. It seems like your animals, yard,children, and pets are well taken care of.Good luck with the move, Pat