A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

still here still waiting

ten billion things to do and here I sit doing nothing. I got the boys room fairly organised the other day and packed away a lot. spent HOURS in the girls room making sense and its STILL a disaster!!! A GREAT BIG DISASTER! Do you have any idea how much stuff 5 girls can pack in a room?!!

still hoping for a close date of july 12 or 13. DYING for it is more like it. but all is dependent upon the weather. need decent weather for the septic to get done. no septic no close. so I hope it stays warm!!! Cant wait to be in our new house!!!

I am chucking things left and right in hopes of making life easier on the other end. if it has no use, or if no one uses it, there is no need to keep it. broken toys, clothes stained or outgrown, toys outgrown, crappy mcdonald toys, books missing pages, color books past their prime.

our friend Maggie had a baby boy so I have to go cook something up for her before we go camping tomorrow. still need to load the van and finish packing for that. need to make grocery list for camping. better just get busy. it isnt gonna do itself!

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  1. Hi It seems like you are making progress in getting things ready for the move. Good luck Pat