A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The garage

well the garage is all clean and tidy and organised. the back of the car is filled with junk for the thrift store. Eric decided since he was on call today we should clean the garage. and what do you think happened halfway through the job? he got called in. so I finished it myself.

so here I am inside now wishing I could make the inside of the house as sparce and organised as the garage is. but you can imagine 12 people's junk takes up a lot of space. I keep trying to get rid of it but I swear it multiplies faster than I can ditch it. And then there are kids who reclaim things. and my dear husband who cant bear to tell a child NO and lets them take HIS crap and garbage and junk for their own. Then I have to be the bad guy and get rid of it later when they still want it! perhaps they will all become hoarders someday because at the orphanage nothing was ever theirs. and here, well a lot of stuff is community property and for sanities sake mom might ditch your good junk when you arent looking. We are moving in less than 2 months. some of this has to go!!! I think our kindergarten teacher is retiring because the kids came home with all sorts of stuff from their classroom. wall hangings, posters, felt board stories, tshirts that say Isle Wahkon on them.

well I guess I should go do the dishes so I can cook dinner. probably wont get a lot of purging done since I am the only adult or even semi adult here right now and the kids seem to be needy today. which reminds me. my mom had this great idea. take a number. so if everyone is talking to me at once then I tell them take a number. then I can finish what I started and then in an orderly fashion hear what they have to say. My hope is that they will get tired of waiting and solve some of their own problems. if not at least I can hear them each without listening to chaos!

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