A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My husband probly thinks Im nuts

but I think todays behavior (as well as last nights) is directly related to the ice cream party yesterday. Andre in particular falls apart after ANYTHING. today though ALL of them are crabby mean nasty in bad moods and generally UNFUN! I feel the same way. Last night was ice cream social to say goodbye to Eric(for the community, at the clinic). It was nice there were lots of people who came and told him how much they appreciated his work and that they would miss him. the kids had bowl after bowl of ice cream. with sprinkles. cherries. cherry juice. cookies. lemonade. I let it be their dinner. We had apples and peanut butter later as a snack but I knew if I made dinner no one would eat it. myself included. I had a belly ache all eve. Andre didnt listen and fell apart and ended up in bed. Ethan couldnt focus and read or listen. completely unable to pay attention. wild giggly girls.

Fast forward to today. older kids beating smaller kids, not listening to mom then pouting when Mom comes down on them for it(by saying ONE! TWO! I never got to three)flipping out when mom says to DO something. Being mean to each other, talking back, impatient, whiny, crying over everything, letting the dog out because they WERENT LISTENING WHEN I SAID STOP! emotional warfare(dont be friends with____) ignoring someone talking to them. sulking whenever something isnt exactly as they want, and did I mention impatient? all of these things are kid stuff, we see all of it now and then but today I have seen ALL OF IT ALL DAY! THAT is a bad day.

One boy has trouble with food dyes. again my husband thinks I am nuts but red dyes and blue dyes make this boy crazy. and he has been true to form. if I give him red or blue he shows effects for two to three days after. EVERY TIME. I never remember until the fall out. but I always recognise it when I see it. Last night He had dozens of marachino cherries, filled with red dye. today? monster.

I guess I better go offer up some snacks before they mutiny and join forces against me instead of focusing on their own injustices.


  1. I have one that goes crazy with red dye!

  2. Hi! tammy I hope your day today was better than yesterday.I think the anxiety of the move is also effecting the older children and younger children .Have a good day Pat