A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Sophie is the baby of the family at 7. She was only 3 when she came home. she was very stubborn and naughty when she came home. We used to call her the Ukrainian Mafia because with her disabilities she couldn't hit so she would LEAN HARD on anyone who offended her.  Fast forward to age 7, 4 years in a family of her own. She is sweet, loving, beautiful, caring, affectionate, thoughtful, kind. She still has a bit of a bossy personality but mostly she is a love. She and I spend many long days together as we travel to Philly often. She has gone from bossy little brat to happy grateful easy to get along with travel companion. She has had a lot of surgeries and has had to overcome a lot in her short life. but the smile on her face when she so proudly accomplishes something she was looking forward to, makes my life worth living. That smile alone is reason enough to get up in the morning. I love them all and would do anything for any of them but that smile of "I DID IT!" is why I adopted.  Sophie adores her Papa and has him wrapped around her little finger. Her best friend at school is a boy named Cai. She doesn't play much with dolls. SHe would rather play with the boys. SHe does like little people though. She got her own American girl doll last year for her birthday and was thrilled but really doesn't play with it. She LOVES to read. She can often be found reading. She loves to go outside but she is so fair she burns in the shade in the summer, and shes so thin and tiny and hard to maneuver she gets cold in the snow and its hard for her to get around in the snow. In the summer she can often be found on the porch in the shade with a hat and sunscreen playing cars with her brothers.  She is in second grade and doing great! she is so smart! She loves her big brother Cody lots. He takes good care of her. She shares a room with Chrysta but she likes Cody better. She is the royal princess.

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