A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, October 10, 2013


 Maia is my peanut. When She was born she was so tiny, and yet the biggest of the three kids I birthed.  After a difficult pregnancy loss and loss of two adoption referrals she was my miracle. She is 9, but is only now learning to sleep alone. She loves to snuggle. She loves to read. She loves to pop in and snuggle when I am reading and have me read aloud to her no matter the book. She falls asleep every time. She also loves an afternoon nap, which is ironic since when she was a toddler she refused to sleep, ever. She was so tiny when she was born. and now she is all arms and legs. When she was a toddler she was a chunk and we would ask whats for dinner? and grab her thighs and say HAMLETS!!!! she would scream and laugh. she still loves it but she doesn't have hamlets anymore. The day she lost her squishy baby fat somewhere along the way. I miss it. when we would part I would always tell her to stay squishy. Guess it didn't work because she is gangly now. She is dreamy and lives in sillyland often. She is wild and crazy. She loves her brothers and sisters but certain sibs drive her crazy. Every now and then she and the ones who make her crazy will be found having a laughing hysterically good time together. She likes to be a little girl, some of her sisters are in more of a hurry to grow up.  She doesn't care much about clothes. whatever fits or falls out of the dresser is fine. No need to fret about fashion. She always hated having her hair brushed and keeps it short now.  She loves piggies and collects them. She carries her baby blankie around with her in a pillow case because its in shreds and she isn't ready to give it up. She loves her American Girl doll.  She loves polly pockets too. She loves sleeping on the top bunk. She loves vegetables and cookies too. She is a happy go lucky girl who loves most everything. unless she doesn't.....then she's crying. She is a sensitive girl. She gets her feelings hurt. She cries to mommy. She loves Greek Mythology and begs daddy to read Black Ships Before Troy to her every night, even though she can read it herself easily enough. She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.  She is in third grade where she does well.  She is the light of my life, one of them anyways.

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