A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, October 21, 2013


My Jaggy waggy. Try and find a nickname from Jaeger! Jaeger's name is always pronounced wrong but he never corrects anyone. He just goes along with it. His name sounds like Jay-ger. Not Jagger. Not Yaeger.  His name in Ukraine was something very different and when we told him his name was going to be Jaeger he would swing on the swings at the orphanage and yell out his name with the biggest smile on his face. each time he would come forward he'd yell.... Jaeger!......Vasiliy!....Enbeeeeeeerg! he was very cute and sweet in Ukraine. But was a bit of a stinker on his way home to the states. Now though he loves his mommy and often profresses how much he loves me and papa. He can out eat any teenage boy I ever met! He loves to cook. He loves movies and tv and video games. He is very competitive and always excels at whatever he does. He would love to play on a sports team. He is a great student and a funny kid. he always makes me laugh. He sometimes gets bored out here in the country when he can't find a sibling who wants to play with him. He likes to read. He knocked out Harry Potter the first year he was home, he had NO IDEA what he read but he read the whole book.  He read three muskateers last year for a book report and really enjoyed it. He is very interested in weapons of war and history of war and history in general. He loves to chat history with his Papa. He is the only one of our European kids who is squishy. I love to squeeze him. He isn't chubby, but not bony either. Just squishy. He loves to play with friends. He is always the first one out the door in the morning, the first one home after school, first one in the car if we are going out, first one to the dinner table. He is a love. He is almost 12. 12! he was merely 8 when he came home. He is growing up so fast but he is such a sweetheart and I love his hugs and kisses. He talks about wanting to join the military someday. He is only young and will probably change his mind but if he does I know he will take his vows there very seriously as he does most things.  THis is not to say we have never had any issues adopting a child as old as 8. But for the most part he has become your average American kid. and the sweetest son a mom could ask for.

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  1. I have a 13 year old who is ALWAYS last to the car, last to the table, etc. I love that Jaeger is always first. :) And thank you for the pronunciation!