A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hockey Mom/ Dance mom

I recently saw some stickers on the back of a vehicle. They said Dance Mom and Hockey Mom. Many of my kids have special needs. They have physical disabilities, they have developmental disabilities, they have health problems. They won't ever play hockey or go to dance class.

 But they work hard to progress and we are proud of all they do. We are proud of the spelling tests where a single word is correct, that's an improvement from none. We are proud of taking your first steps at age 7, perhaps more so than if they were 1-2 years old.  We are proud when we attend an event that ends having no meltdowns as these are rare. We are proud when a meal is finished and no one spilled their milk. We are proud when a night becomes morning without a wet bed. We are proud when school is attended with a smile. We are proud when we arrive on time to any given appointment as it means everyone was able to be independent in getting ready. We are proud when our ten year olds are able to self soothe when waking at night rather than waking the whole house. We are proud when a short tempered child walks way from an instigating sibling without socking them. We are proud of our kids too. Even though they don't have car stickers for people like us, we are proud parents nonetheless.


  1. Oh Tam... So true! Sometimes, I have a bit of envy for those soccer and dance moms because my kids will never do those things. But, perhaps their accomplishments will mean just a bit more because they are so hard earned!

  2. I have followed your blog for a while and never commented. Can't even remember how I ran across it.--Reeces Rainbow maybe. I just to say Thank You for your post as mother with a child on the Austism spectrum, I really needed this reminder today.

  3. Yeah for seeing the small miracles and joys! We need bumper stickers that say "Mom of Special Blessings!"