A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Oh my goodness what can I say about Diana? she is a sassy feisty little spit fire with the quickest wit you ever saw in a ten year old! She is snuggly and funny and silly and sassy. She ALWAYS helps me do dishes. even when I insist she do something else she will stay and help. I never have to ASK Diana to help with dishes. if I turn on the water she is right there with a towel.  She is the silliest girl, she gets this wild giggle when she is feeling crazy.  She likes tickles. She says goodbye my darling to me every morning. She is tiny compared to the others who are already small for their ages. She is a little embarrassed that she is younger than her classmates but she does very well at school and gets along fine and has many friends. She doesn't get too involved in emotional warfare. if someone isn't her friend anymore she announces that they aren't very nice  and then moves ahead.  This kid wakes with a smile and ready to sass. I do not wake with a smile. I do not wake well. This kid though could JUMP out of bed the second she opens her eyes and say OPAH!!!  She can be moody sometimes but mostly when she is grumpy it is around the same things. One thing that makes her grumpy is spaghetti. although if she puts ketchup on it she will eat it. (go figure) Another thing is squash/pumpkin. She and Chrysta butt heads regularly. or if I am grumpy she will be grumpy. but if you project happiness on her she will shine it right back at you times ten. Diana loves the color purple and will love anything that's purple. (maybe I should make purple spaghetti!) She loves her American Girl Doll Makenna. Unlike some of the other kids she understands sarcasm and jokes. She once called me Makenna's grandma and I told her she was out of the will. she laughed and laughed about that and tried laughingly to make it up to me while slipping and calling me grandma.  Her name sounds like dee-onna and people always say die-anna. it drives her crazy. Eric thought she would evolve to accept Die-anna pronunciation but she is a stubborn thing and she remains Dee-onna. I wanted to change the spelling when we adopted but we didn't. I always tell her she can go by Claire(middle name) instead. she gags when I say that. she hates that name. She used to tell us all the ways Ukraine was better than here. The giraffs are bigger in Ukraine. The food is better in Ukraine. at the orphanage we had chicken and mashed potatos and gravy for breakfast.  She doesn't say that anymore. She rarely talks about Ukraine, except sometimes to share a memory from long long ago. She is a sweet girl. She loves to be a dramatic actor. I once asked her to do a chore and she fell immediately to the floor saying I am sick! of course the smile on her face gave it away. Watch for her to be famous someday, either on the silver screen or having done something amazing. With her there is no doubt. She is a gogetter. 


  1. What a personality! I had to laugh because while reading this I kept reading "Die-anna", but I stand corrected, Dee-onna it is!