A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, April 29, 2011

day 11 TV shows you are addicted to

I dont watch a lot of tv and when I do I often watch it online. The only shows I am really into are hoarders and the one about extreme couponing. I LOVE ghost hunters but I dont watch every week like I used to. rather now and then I happen upon it. but the ones I look for are hoarders and extreme couponing.

there are lots of shows I LIKE but I dont watch regularly. I actually LOVE Backyardigans! I know its crazy but I love it. they sing and they explore and imagine. I love when the kids watch it because I can watch too.

The amount of time I spend actually watching tv is not very much. I catch hoarders now and then online when they have a new one. I catch the couponing one if my daughter tells me its on and shes watching it. I do love Psychic kids but I think they didnt make another season of that. so most days I wont even turn ON the tv.

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  1. Hi!I like some shows on the ewtn network.My one son watch the rosary hour show daily he really loves it. A family friend who is a priest has a tv show on ewtn.My family has been watching that show for years.I also do not watch a lot of tv.Pat