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Friday, April 1, 2011

Blog Challenge day 4

Wierd Hobby or Collection

I do have a collection of toenails. lol ok I dont. But my friend used to call me Tojam because my name is Tammy Jo. Tammy Jo became TamJo which morphed into Tojam. but thats a whole nother story!

so my collections arent really strange or wierd but I do have some collections. I love Elvis and I also love thimbles and coca cola memorabilia. My thimble collection started with 5 or 6 thimbles I rescued from my Grandpa's belongings when he died. they have morphed into over a hundred! some were gifts from others travels, some were from my travels. SOme were from antique stores and I just loved them. I dont buy just any old thimble I see. I have to like it. I have one from the Bolshoy theater that I LOOOOVE. I have ones from various places I have visited. I also have a bunch of disney thimbles I just HAD to have one time. They are cute but they dont mean nearly as much to me as some of the others I picked up in my travels. I managed to end up with some duplicates because other people were giving me them as well. I set those aside along with some gifted ones that I didnt love as much as some others. They are for Chrysta to start her own collection. she has a shelf to put them on and everything but we didnt get the shelf hung and now we are moving so they will have to wait for her. Perhaps later I will take a photo of my collection. Some are sentimental, all are special.

My Elvis collection is not as large. It is only a few things but I LOVE ELVIS! I even have an elvis thimble! Coca Cola is my other collection. again not a lot but a few items that some day I would like to display. If I ever have a curio cabinet to display them I have many of my grandmother's avon bottles. I remember fondly looking in her cabinet at them as a child. as yet I have never had a curio cabinet because I have rambunctious boys who will put their head through the glass no doubt.

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  1. Hi! It is so nice to have any kind of collection or even pieces of a collection to pass down to ones family members. Before my aunt died she gave me a pitcher from her old pitcher collection a pitcher that is 100 years old. My children love looking at it. In fact we have even done a whole homeschool unit study on the period from which the pitcher was made and daily life of people who might have used this pitcher.Keep collecting because someday your loved ones will enjoy what you collected, Pat