A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, April 14, 2011

all of the children on this site as well as many others were distant faces. they meant little to me. while I was sad that no one wanted them, I had no idea what some endure. fast forward a few years and several adoptions later. I KNOW now. I wish I didnt but I do. I KNOW that these kids are facing life in prison essentially. and ultimately death. and it kills me. we adopted 7 kids. we had 3 biologically. we are NOT getting younger or richer. and my heart breaks looking at their little faces. wishing I could be the Mama that smooches their little cheeks. or big cheeks in the case of older kids. I donate to adopting families wherever I can. I pass the word about RR and 147 million orphans. and yet I feel like I have done nothing. barely a drop in the bucket. would I go back again if my husband would get on board? IN A HEARTBEAT! knowing that a certain child that I love(yes I love her)will soon be deprived of the medications that keep her alive and she will likely die of AIDS or an aids related death is just too much to bear. she is nearly 7 years old. 7 year olds should not die of AIDS or die of anything! they should jump on the trampoline and play in the grass and feel the sun on their faces and put their toes in the sand. They should crawl into their Mama's arms for a hug when they feel sad. They should not die! Dieing is for old people! people who have lived their lives fully and are ready to make that journey. What hurts the most is that they never had anyone love them as if they were THE most important person in the world. that no matter what they do they will always hold this persons love. I am rambling and saying nothing it seems. I just get so frustrated because PEOPLE DONT GET IT! they just dont get it! an orphanage is no place for children. I guess its good that I hurt it means I dont forget. I wear the bracelet of a child who died of AIDS so that he can always be remembered by someone. but how can I do more? how can I get OTHERS to see? how can I make sure THEY dont forget and get people to DO something to help? helpless is what I feel the most.


  1. It may seem like what you've done is just a drop in the bucket but its so much more. We wanted to adopt more than just one when we went to Kazakhstan in 2008. They would only allow us 1. So we have our Oksana. Then we had Landon biologically. People we meet always ask why she has an accent, why she doesn't look like me and I tell them. Strangers I have talked to have taken an honest look at adoption altogether because they see a flesh and blood adopted child in front of them and shes "normal" (Horrible thing to say but thats the stigma I've noticed)How many people have had the seeds of adoption planted in their hearts nad minds because I said something, because you said something, because you are living a full life and are an example to those around you with an assortment of children, both biological and adopted. It may not seem like it but you are still showing people and honestly always will be. The lives of your children, all of them, are changed for the better and who knows, maybe Natasha or Andre or more of your children will adopt when they are older because of how their lives were changed. My neices who are 19, 12 and 9 talk about the day they will adopt because it meant so much to them to have Oksana join the family. You're opening minds all around you...keep remembering that and just spread the word. only God knows the seeds that you plant. :)

  2. Sorry, I thought I'd add that by "normal" I meant that they are just like any other child. They might have disabilites, need glasses, braces or have issues with attachment etc. But they are just kids. Living breathing, balls of energy, attitude, love, smiles and hugs. Thats what I meant by normal. :)

  3. Hi! My heart goes out to children who have aids. In america with treatment children who have aids can live a long life. In the ukraine children with aids have a really limited life due to lack of funding to pay for the drugs the children need to live.It is true that the children with aids may be left to die because they are deemed unadoptable .I heard this from people at the Ukraine church I attend at.Good luck ,Pat