A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, April 25, 2011

day 10 things that scare you

makes me sing that old song.....I dont like spiders and snakes! and that aint what it takes to love me! actually i dont mind snakes but spiders creep me out. its completely irrational and involuntary. spider feeling on my arm SCREAM! spider moving towrds me SCREAM! the worst..spider falling in my direction SCREAAAAM! We had roaches in the first apartment we stayed in in Ukraine. that grossed me out and creeped me out too. I stopped sleeping nights. I would stay awake all night and only go to sleep around 4 when it got light outside and sleep till 7 or 8. does that make any sense? NO!none. but the roach was under my pillow and there was no way I was gonna sleep with them crawling on me. Husband had NO TROUBLE sleeping. my rationale was that if the daylight were coming on they would be moving on to darker areas. and then I would be safe. yep just like I said makes no sense but I wasnt risking it!

one thing that has always troubled me, caused me fear, is death. I cant stand the thought of leaving my babies! That I could never see their chrubic faces, that they would have to live without me, that it would be just another blow in the many losses they have experienced. I am cautious when I drive. I wear my seatbelt. I wear a bike helmet if I ride a bike. I dont drink I dont smoke. I dont have dangerous hobbies(although I did once get a sewing maching needle into my finger!) and still I fear death at every corner. I am always watching thinking I wont let it get ME! which of course is absolutely ridiculous. if its your time then its your time and there isnt any sense hiding from it! but alas its what I am. I am so in love with my children I dont even go on VACATION away from them! I hate to be away from them! so I do my best to make sure that I wont be away from them.

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  1. Hi! I am afraid of rodents. I hear tales from my friends who lived on the collective farms in the Ukraine. The rodent problems they talk about makes my skin crawl. I am so thankful to live in American. God bless America Pat