A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, August 26, 2010

took natasha diana and jaeger to target today. got them new shoes and lunchboxes. not sure they understand about the lunchboxes but shoes they get and were happy. diana begs me to buy her anything and everything. but she doesnt pout or cry when I say no. The ONLY difficulties I encountered while out with the kids was the STORE'S problems, not at all the kids. they did great. and I found tennis shoes for 7.99. Andre, Ethan, Ben, Jaeger, Natasha, and Diana have shoes now. Maia has her dancerella shoes I bought for Jen's wedding. so maybe at some point a pair for her but otherwise we are about done with shoes and school supply shopping. as long as I can keep them from getting into it all!!


  1. What a miracle to get shoe shopping done without incident! I took only two boys today and they couldn't keep their hands to themselves...arrgh!

  2. I didn't even realize you had another blog. Glad things are going well but are you slightly grieving that wonderful getaway in Kiev that is now over? Why didn't we appreciate it more while we had it???!!

  3. i loved kiev. i didnt love being away from my family and in a tiny apartment with rambunctious boys! I grieve the sleep I got there the first trip. havent seen it since....