A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

progress happens over time

Andre didnt bite anyone today. Jaeger spent plenty of whiny crying time but I dont think as much as yesterday. they willingly spent some time outside today. I sent them out for 15 minutes and they came back in an hour later. Natasha eats everything and loves it. Diana didnt want to drink her milk but after much coaxing did. and the three girls are camping out in the big bed tonight and Chrysta is banished to the bunks. will see how that goes. I expected someone to come up complaining by now....they are so cute. full of love and affection and thankful for anything and everything. Jaeger took some money and put it in his back pack so I had to try and talk to him about that. he pushes codys buttons a lot so if he goes downstairs and Cody sends him back up I dont let him go down there anymore. of course he cries and whines for not getting his way.

Ethan had a lousy day. loads of lying. destroyed what was left of the trampoline even AFTER I told him to stop it. I found out he stole money from me. not much but he is like a little klepto always taking things. and after some of the things that happened this week.....he is not doing so well. I looked back at my old journal after he came home and 6 months AFTER he came home he still cried all the livelong day. so you can see he has had some issues since he joined our family. it seems things are getting a bit harder of late. I tried to get him in to his adhd doc and he cant get in until a month from now!

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