A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

one of the boys wet the bed last night. more laundry. this was a surprise as this child doesnt have a history of wetting AND went to the bathroom 50 times before going to sleep and didnt go to sleep until 1030 or later. It is much cooler today and I am making the kids (unwillingly) play OUTSIDE. they have been out nearly an HOUR and its killing them. Jaeger especially keeps wanting to come in and do other things. kids need SUNSHINE. and its a gorgous day!

I took them to the beach last night. Jaeger tried to drown Andre. Not on purpose but I could see what was coming and he didnt LISTEN to me to stop so he had to take some time out on shore to think about what happened. he is like an almost 9 year old BABY. crying wahhh wahhh I want to go to groupoo. he has no idea that by this time if he wasnt with us he would be at boarding school NOT groupoo. NOT mama Luda. I just let him whine and ignored it. He stopped saying groupoo and started saying sorry. I said I knew he was sorry, but that he would have to finish his time (5 minutes)because he didnt listen and his not listening nearly drown Andre.

Andre is coming around and Jaeger is getting a bit better. I can see progress being made. baby steps baby steps. Things like Andre drinking his milk. and taking his meds. Jaeger walking nice all the way home from the beach helping me push the stroller.

the kids wanted a picnic today so I made them sandwiches and chips and put them outside to have a picnic. they are loving it. A sandwich DOES taste better outside! except Andre ate the bologna and cheese in about one bite and wanted to ditch the bread. Mean mama said no chips if you dont eat the bread. he is ticked. the other kids wanted his bread. I nearly gave it away, but he decided last minute to eat the bread.


  1. Last summer, our first summer home with the kids, we had to all but lock the kids outside! They hated it! They hated the grass, the ladybugs gave them a phobia and they just didn't know how to play outside (I guess). Of course, TN humidity is sweltering. This summer was completely different. We had to make them come inside! Enjoy your time together. Take lots of pics!!!

  2. they played outside EVERY DAY at the detsky dom! why not at home? wierd.