A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, August 21, 2010

another day another....day

Andre wakes screaming at night. he cant go longer than 3 hours without peeing. starts his day at 7. ugh. he has already been in the road more than once. Cameo and her fam was coming by with horses so we all went out to see the horses. he was pretty interested in that. Jaeger sat at the table and wrote words practicing his hand writing. he writes very nicely. I dont think he had a clue WHAT he wrote but he did write and enjoy it. The girls all three got showers this morning. Sophie is playing piano, she is the biggest love. everything is lovely to her.

Someone came by the other night to tell us our dogs bark every day at 8am. I have been listening hypervigilant like and our dogs dont bark nonstop. sure they bark now and then. what dog doesnt? I hear other dogs bark. and he also says our dogs bark at night. our dogs are not OUT at night unless they are on the leash with us at the other end. they are IN full time by 7 at night. so any dogs barking at night are NOT OURS. so we cant let the dogs run because people complain. we cant tie them up because people complain. we cant put them out because people complain, we cant bring them in because people complain. what the heck are we supposed to do? we cant do ANYTHING in this town!

Jaeger is downstairs crying because he cant go in the girls room. but he keeps getting into things that dont belong to him. The girls who live in that room arent having a problem keeping their hands off Chrysta's stuff. Jaeger cant seem to do that. Andre either. everything is here for them, all is theirs to do with as they please, at least thats how they see it.

I made laundry soap yesterday and cant wait to try it out!

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