A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

made it through another day

we were doing well but the boys are backtracking a bit. the girls are mostly delightful and funny. they dont bite. they dont shriek and scream when they dont get their way. they can follow directions. they can wait. the boys? yeah not so much! Andre is everywhere into everything. Andre does not like being removed from where he is to spend time in his room for biting or hurting. Jaeger howls and cries when he gets natural consequences or if I turn off the tv. Tonight both boys were in bed FIRST before anyone else. Andre was so ticked he threw all his bedding off the top bunk. I didnt bother to pick it up. they keep going in the road. they KNOW they dont belong in the road, Ethan knows this as well as he has been in this house about 6 years, but when I look out there what do I find? boys in the road. bikes in the road. boys on bikes in the road. GRRRR.

Natasha is really understanding english a lot it seems. she speaks what she can but understands loads more than she speaks. Diana usually says about three words, please please mama???? when she wants something. Jaeger doesnt speak hardley any english. I dont think he even understands most the time. Andre understands and is gaining a lot of words quickly. Trying to communicate with him is funny because he makes these faces and does this crazy sign language because talking is hard for him. we always end up laughing when he starts his sign language. Really should get some signing time for him. bet it would help him communicate.

Tomorrow all 4 have a doctor appt in the cities. that is going to be a long day of driving. I guess there isnt too much else going on at casa de enberg. just waiting for school to start!


  1. Next time stop and say hi. You pass really close by. And I can give you directions on how to get here so you dont get lost

  2. Just thought I'd say hi...I really want a family like yours some day. :) I really admire your honesty about what it's REALLY like raising all these kids - not all sugar and sweetness, but worth all the good and the bad. :) Thank you for being real! I read your blog all the way back the other night and will continue to follow you as you parent these newest family members!

    Heather :)

  3. oh hi heather! welcome to the blog! Bob I spent the ENTIRE day at the clinic. I mean the ENTIRE day. left home 8am left clinic 5pm and drove straight home arriving 8pm! no time for ANYTHING. not to mention the headache after holding Andre down for a blood draw!