A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, August 20, 2010

now that I am the mother of ten my schedule is filling up with doctor appts and dentist appts and various other things. Chrysta is running cross country and cheering and needs oral surgery. 4 new kids need to see the dentist(and will definitely have subsequent appts there) they also need to go to the doctor as well as the specialist for their special needs. Ethan and Jaeger need to see the eye doctor and have an appt in Duluth. Sophie and Ben have an appt in Philly with the specialist for their condition. School starts Sept 7. I would be lost without My handy dandy date book.

Mom did all the laundry so I need to get some laundry soap cooking so I can keep up with the new expanded amount of laundry around here. I spent about a hundred dollars more than usual when I shopped but I cant figure out what I did differently. I didnt buy all prepackaged foods. I bought the same things I always buy and even some in generic. I didnt think I was buying THAT much more food to make enough for everyone. I had a cart full as usual for two weeks(with menu). I did buy two cans of soup that were teh big big GIANT kind but everything else came from the regular sized section.

So far today the kids have played in the water that was left by the rain. showered had a picnic and andre chased cars. seriously he chased a car! he is so wild. I dont know what to do with him. I didnt let him out again. he keeps wanting to go out and says no street but he is into everything around here I dont think I can believe that he will stay out of the street when he sees something interesting. The girls are happily playing together downstairs. Ethan is stuck by my side because he keeps stealing things. Jaeger and Andre and Ben are playing downstairs and come up now and then for one reason or another.

Having ten kids is infinitely more work than the 6 I had before! they constantly want to eat! like the minute they finish a meal they want another. I have begun making them wait. they do not need to eat ALL DAY LONG. well sophie is napping and Diana is downstairs screaming so I guess there goes the nap. AGAIN. god I can hardly wait until they can understand english!

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