A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, October 29, 2011

home again

we are home again. sophie is doing well. getting better all the time. I however am sick sick sick. miserable sick. eric is on call this weekend. the kids are mostly keeping entertained. although they gave me a hard time about helping out this morning. I really need to grocery shop but it isnt gonna happen today. dont know what we will eat for dinner. soup and sandwich maybe. need to get sophie set up for homebound so she can get back to working on school stuff. she is alert enough to do that. Wish I could get her back to school but I dont see it. its too hard for her to sit in her chair. and she is having to wear diapers and that would be embarrassing for her and humiliating. so I guess she stays home the whole six weeks. dont have a date to go back yet. need to contact the clinic and make a date for return appointment. I thought they would have given us that upon discharge but they didnt. didnt give me a script for 3 week xray either. so I have to chase taht down.


  1. Praying for you, hope you are back on your feet. Praying for the help you need to get it all back in order, as well as for peace and grace for Sophie in her healing process!