A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, October 17, 2011

the ongoing saga of the osteotomy.

tomorrow is Sophie's other osteotomy. meanwhile somewhere last night they took out her iv. it backed up maybe or something. no one really knows why it was removed. so today they came in to try and put a new one in. I said really, you didnt put an iv in her when she was outpatient coming in. you waited till she was asleep. well they wanted blood for a type/cross. shoudlnt they already HAVE that since they ALREADY gave her blood products last WEEK? so they poked, and she screamed. and they moved the needle around, and she screamed. and they wiggled and moved and she screamed and screamed. and then they gave up and pulled needle out. she didnt even BLEED where he took the needle out. so I thought they gave up. turns out they only went to get bigger guns. This time I said lets step outside. I discussed my concern at poking her again and again knowing they would get nothing. and again stated I just cant understand why she MUST HAVE IV RIGHT NOW. I told them they could look but this guy looked at her arms while I cried in another room. I wasnt going to be the one to hold her down as they use her for pincushion. she screamed. she hollered. in the end he didnt even poke her. there was no point. there was nothing he could see that would he would be able to start an iv from. so I am to sit here all night pumping her full of fluids so tomorrow in the OR they will be able to find a good vein.

after all that she fell asleep. sweaty sweaty sweaty! from screaming and from sleeping under too many blankets. so her bed was all wet. I changed the bed for her and she is happily watching tv now. We also have a roommate now. a 14 year old girl named Fanny. Fanny is Amish. Her parents are here with her, along with her grandparents. and they all sit here. all day. they have been nice enough and chat a bit with sophie and me. they came from Michigan. but so much for shunning the modern conveniences. The grandparents and the father left and the mother spent TWO HOURS on the phone. they dont watch tv. they read only their bible as far as I can tell. Fanny is very quiet.


  1. Praying for her surgery today!! Peace!

  2. They can use modern conveniences, they just can't own them. They can't have a phone in their home because it could make them lazy and prone to gossip and their housework wouldn't get done. They can use a phone though. We have a large Amish community near us. They can also pay people to drive them around, but they can not own a motor vehicle. Some sect can own tractors, but they can't have rubber tires, they have to have tracts. It boggles my mind, but sometimes I wish I didn't have a car and a phone. LOL

  3. Hi We have many Amish in the area. I am sure when she gets older and feels better you two will talk about all the interesting people you have met along the way. Pat