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Friday, October 21, 2011

gettin ornery and bossy

and thats just me. sophie has a wee bit of bleeding in her old incision. but she is happy enough cooperative in general. I think we ought to be getting out of here soon. My guess is tomorrow but sunday is fine too. monday we fly home. Our roommate was in the PICU for a long time and just came back to us today. but we have visited with her family over and over and they ask about sophie and visit her. they have turned out to be very nice people. I was rather annoyed having a roommate at first but since they were gone most the time it wasnt so bad lol.

I am so ready to go home. i was ready a week ago! we have to put her in a fancy spica carseat on the plane. by we I mean ME and I am not sure at all about how its all going to go! I have only so many hands and I am supposed to bring carseat straps my bags pillow blanket roll stroller AND SOPHIE all by myself. NOOOOOO Idea how thats gonna happen. My friend Becky is supposed to loan me a rolling duffel to check as much as possible. but I still have this giant car seat that is called a HIPPO for a good reason! and since her legs have to be up in the stroller I cant put it in there. I just KNOW I am going to be pissed off when I get home. Im pissed off just thinking about it. airlines are NOT helpful. usually strangers are more helpful than airlines. I will have to carry her on to the plane since she cant go past 90 degrees. she cant use the aisle chair. but first I have to haul on and install the carseat.

we just got another roommate. her name is Bo and she is so cute, she even LOOKS like Sophie! blonde and cute! so its a party in here. they are from netherlands. its a multicultural room here for sure! I guess I dont have much else to report.

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  1. Hi Shriners treat a lot of Amish children. I am glad your stay went well. Pat