A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, November 6, 2011

i have come to the conclusion that the reason I usually dont watch tv is because the kids are always watching and watching tv with the kids is really not fun. I cant hear half of it because someone is always commenting. If a man or woman kiss they start oohing and ahhhing at the moment they think things might happen whcih means we miss all the dialogue leading up to it. they all randomly toss out comments or repeat sentences after the characters. then we miss what came after the character said that. I wonder what part of development includes talking to the tv as if it could hear you and acting like you are the one in the movie while the movie is still going on. or someone is fighting about where they will sit or what is on next. really I am having a disenchanted day. sometimes they just dont listen and I get mad and hold a grudge. I ask myself why I give everything and get little monsters in return. its the job I guess. and tey do know how to behave when it counts. when we go out we hear oh how well behaved they are! what nice kids you have! etc. but at home they let it all hang out.

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