A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, October 15, 2011

update for those who dont know whats goin on

sophie had surgery last week on weds. it didnt go so well. there were complications. I knew when Dr VB called a conference in the middle of it that something was wrong. due to the complications, she lost a lot of blood, got a unit of blood and then they were unable to continue the scheduled surgery. They did get ONE leg done. the other remains the same as it was when she went in. its casted just to keep the other leg stable but they didnt do anything to it. so we are still here in PA. She had a bit of a hard time recovering and we just came to the floor today. She has been in ICU until now. meanwhile she has turned into a bit of a brat. so today was time for tough love and lemme tell you it didnt take long before she was back to being a sweet love of a child. the other leg is scheduled for tuesday. but it may have to wait until thursday. meanwhile we are camped out here at shriners. I go back and forth to ronald mcdonald house. they got her up in a chair today and she was none too happy about it. she is currently resting quietly beside me after I pulled rank and turned off the tv because she doesnt want to sleep at night, just watch tv. THAT isnt gonna fly when we go home so no reason it needs to go on now.

She has been a bit manipulative but thankfully we have GOOD and understanding nurses. Ally has been the best. It is very convenient for sophie that her pain comes at the very moment she doesnt like something. oh you are leaving to go to the bathroom? OW OW OW!! I cant watch tv? IM GONNA BARF! you want me to sit in this wheelchair because there arent any sheets on the bed yet? WA WA WA MY HIP HURTS!! you are making me sit in the sunshine for five minutes? MY KNEE HURTS!!

she calls anyone who comes in the room "doctor" and if she wants something she bypasses me altogether and yells DOCTOR! DOCTOR! I ask myself why I am still sitting here if she only wants them? its hard to be a kind and loving supportive parent when she is being a poop. she is not in as much pain as she was in the beginning and she shows it by moving around and talking and as long as she is getting what she wants she is fine with the world no pain. so today she was just ornery. a good nights sleep ought to help with that. so now you know about as much as I do.

I sure miss home and my husband and my kids and my dogs and my fireplace and my house and my chair. its very warm here. a light sweater is plenty. and I am missing my mornings by the fire. missing evenings by the fire with Eric, my dogs at my feet. missing sleeping in my own bed. even my kitchen! at least I know at home when its meal time its something I like, I dont generally cook stuff I dont want to eat, but here its a crapshoot. I might get to cafeteria before they close, or i might not. I might like what they are serving or maybe not. thankfully I have some fruit in my purse from RMH.

well since miss thing has not been sleeping through the night I ought to go to bed here since she is going to wake me again and again. her good nurse Ally wont be back till monday. we will miss her!


  1. oh wow...I hope the next surgery goes much smoother..much love and prayers for you all...

  2. Tammy,
    BTDT. I don't envy you the behaviors hospitalization brings out in our kids. This too shall pass. Don't feel guilty, let the nursing staff care for her. Take the moments you need to regroup. HUGS and PRAYERS!

  3. Hi Surgery is hard on everyone good luck Pat